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Welcome to our new unofficial*  Open University A396 2009 blog for discussing Plato’s Symposium.  I am hoping this is going to be as simple as setting up some categories with very basic posts about the different sections of the Symposium and inviting all you knowledgable poeple to comment about them.  I was thinking of having sections for

1 The Framing Narrative

2 Phaedrus’ Speech

3 Pausanias’ Speech

4 Eryximachus’ Speech

5 Aristophanes’ Speech

6 Agathon’s Speech

7 Socrates’ Speech

8 Alcibiades’ Speech

9 The Conclusion

How does that sound to the rest of you?

I think you will be able to leave comments without logging in but the first one will need to be approved before it appears – I will try not to take too long 🙂

*NB This is not an official Open University site – it is provided by students for students but anyone is welcome to contribute 🙂

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Plato has gone to quite a lot of trouble to present the Symposium within a Framing Narrative …

While Plato wrote the Symposium sometime after 385 BC, the framing conversation between Apollodorus and his companions appears  to take place between 401 BC and 399 BC, while the Symposium itself is set in the year of Agathon’s first victory in the Dionysia, 416 BC.

These dates were taken from the interesting Wikipedia article on Plato’s Symposium

Here is my own diagram of the framing events:Framing Narrative4

So what is all that about then? Why so complex? What does it add? How much of it is true?

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